Photomasks for projection and contact photolithography

   › Key specifications

Size of photo-masks:

 • 152х152х6,35 mm (6025);
 • 127х127х2,3 mm (5009)

Substrate material:

 • synthetic quartz with masking antireflection chromium;
 • alkaline glass with chromium;

Mask type: binary

Scale: 10:1, 5:1, 4:1, 1:1;

Overlapping accuracy: 70 nm;

Defect size: ≤ 0,3 µm;

Minimal size: 0,5 µm;

Dimensional tolerance: ±0,05 µm;

Uniformity of sizes: 60 nm;

Pellicles: (as agreed with the customer)

 • single-sided – for reticle masks 6025;
 • double-sided – for reticle masks 5009;

   › List of proposed services:

Services for manufacturing photomasks

 • Manufacturing VLSI reticles with design rules up to 0.35 µm in the scale 5:1 a d 4:1 for projection photolithography (ASML, Canon, Nikon);
 • Manufacturing micron LSI reticles of the scale 5:1 for projection lithography (Planar);
 • Manufacturing reticles of the scale 10:1 for step-and-repeat systems (AER);
 • Manufacturing photomask of the scale 1:1 for contact photolithography.

Services for photomasks repair and certification

 • Measuring linear dimensions and coordinates;
 • Topology computerized testing by comparing with design data;
 • Defect inspection;
 • Defect laser repair;
 • Pellicles replacement, including cleaning and re-certification.


E-mail address for obtaining detailed information on the said products and services:

Contact person: Sergey Smirnov – Manager of Division for photomasks design and manufacturing