Interagency center of solid-state microelectronics (ICSM) products

Division for manufacturing photo-masks for micron and sub-micron microcircuits proposes:

– Manufacturing photomasks with design rules up to 0.35 micrometers;
– Services for photomasks repair and certification

Division for manufacturing “silicon on isolator” wafers proposes:

– Small-batch production of “silicon on isolator wafers” according to the technology – сращивание пластин и расщепление посредством ионного скола;
– SOI wafers with thin layers for sub-micron integrated circuits;
– SOI wafers with thick layers for manufacturing MEMS;
– Silicon wafers thinning (by polishing)
– Services for measuring semiconductor wafer parameters

ICSM tooling production proposes:

– Mechanical production of various items according to the customer’s design documentation;
– Maintenance, repair and modification of production facilities