and production
of photomasks

350 nm
Topological norms

5″, 6″
Size of photomasks

Type of photomasks

​Substrate material

Development and production of photomasks
for projection and contact photolithography

Development and production of photomasks is carried out for the production of integrated circuits with design rules up to 350 nm on the basis of special technological equipment, providing generation of topological image of the integrated circuit on photomasks according to the given control information, certification of photomasks on compliance to the design data and technical requirements of the customer

Photomasks type
Defect size
>0,5 µm
​Substrate material
​synthetic quartz with masking antireflection chromium;
alkaline glass with chromium
10:1 (projection photolithography);
5:1 (projection photolithography);
4:1 (projection photolithography);
1:1 (contact photolithography)
Pellicles (as agreed with the customer)
single-sided (for reticle photomasks 6025);
double-sided (for reticle photomasks 5009)
Size of photomasks
152х152х6,35 mm (6025);
127х127х2,3 mm (5009)

Related Services

Photomask design

  • Conducting input control of topology;;
  • Designing photo templates in GDSII, OASIS formats;
  • Conducting output control of the topology of photomasks;
  • Preparation of control programs for technological equipment

Photomask manufacturing

  • Manufacturing VLSI reticles with design rules up to 0.35 µm in the scale 5:1 a d 4:1 for projection photolithography (ASML, Canon, Nikon);
  • Manufacturing micron LSI reticles of the scale 5:1 for projection lithography (KBTEM-OMO, Planar);
  • Manufacturing reticles of the scale 10:1 for step-and-repeat systems (AER);
  • Manufacturing photomask of the scale 1:1 for contact photolithography

Photomask repair and certification

  • Measuring linear dimensions and coordinates;
  • Topology computerized testing by comparing with design data;
  • Defect inspection;
  • Defect laser repair;
  • Pellicles replacement, including cleaning and re-certification
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