Specification of photomasks for contact lithography (design standards 0.5 µm and more)

Parameter Unit Specification
Scale - 1:1
Substrate material - Synthetic quartz or borosilicate glass (soda lime)
Size mm (127x127) ± 0,8 (5009)
Thickness mm 2,30 ± 0,10
Type of anti-reflective coating - Chrome or anti-reflective chrome (AR)
Single Position Sealed Cleanroom Container - yes
Optical protective membranes (pellicles) - yes / no (agreed with the customer)
Pellicle type - ASM07P-122-1017HFLC 109,0x86,00x5,00 mm ;
GCA04P-122-1017HFLC 97,50x97,50x6,05 mm ;
or other
Minimum size per template µm 0,5
Dimensional accuracy µm ± 0,1 / ± 0,05
Registration Accuracy µm 0,15
Homogeneity of critical dimensions nm no more than 50
Inadmissible defect size µm 1,0
Design - Photomasks design and preparation of control information based on initial topological information in OASIS, GDSII, DXF format
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