Interagency center of solid-state microelectronics (ICSM) — a multidisciplinary integrated company which follows a unified scientific and technical policy in the area of investigations, development and production of innovative microelectronics and radio-electronics products.

The main goal of ICSM is to realize commercial projects for creating modern electronics components for industrial customers-companies of Russia and those of the world.

Production and scientific-and-technical basis of ICSM:

 • Design center;
 • Division for manufacturing photomasks for submicron microcircuits;
 • Division for manufacturing “Silicon on isolator” wafers having diameters 150 and 200 mm;
 • Tooling production.

Spheres of ICSM activity:

 • Photomasks design and small-batch production;
 • Small-batch production of “silicon on isolator” wafers;
 • Promotion of innovative projects in the sphere of microelectronics and radio-electronics to the Russian market;
 • Manufacturing technique according to the customer’s design documentation;
 • Maintenance support, repair and modification of production facilities