Spheres of ICSM activity

Photomasks design and small-batch production for the production of integrated circuits with design rules up to 350 nm
Small-batch production of silicon-on-isolator wafers a diameter of 150 and 200 mm with thin and thick layers
Production of technological equipment and metal products according to the customer's design documentation
Followng physical and chemical properties of structures and materials by the complete set of integrated circuit parameters: geometric, structural, optical, electrical
Design center
Development of electronic components using modern technologies in cooperation with leading manufacturers of integrated circuits in Russia
Development and research of technological directions for the creation of non-volatile memory using modern technologies
ICSM – high-tech research and production company, established in 2009 in the city of Nizhny Novgorod
Main activities:
  • scientific, educational and innovative projects in the area of nano - and microelectronics in collaboration with educational, research and design centers of Russia;
  • realize and support commercial projects for creating modern electronics components in the interests of Russian and foreign customers;
  • small-batch production of “silicon on isolator” wafers with submicron and micron layer thicknesses;
  • design and production of photomasks;
  • complex research of structures of nano - and microelectronics elements on wafers
13 years work
150 partners around the world including 5 leading educational centers in Russia
3 major projects in the field of creation of microelectronics products
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